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Louis Wonsley

EasyWorship 2009 Portable

NOTE: If transferring the database from EasyWorship 2007 or EasyWorship 2009 into EasyWorship 7, you may have additional steps to follow to get the database to convert. Follow these steps below:

EasyWorship 2009 Portable

Download File:

More than likely it was saved to a different location than usual, or was saved to a portable location or shared drive that isn't plugged in or turned on. Use the Search feature in Windows File Explorer to search for EW Schedule files. Use the following search criteria. *.ewsx It should provide a list of all of the schedule files. Look thru the list to find the appropriate one. If that find it you'll need to check to see if any external storage options (flash drives, external hard drives, etc) had been used by searching them as well.

We wanted to include all aspects of our service in the live stream, and that includes our presentation software, EasyWorship. After trying some of the free or shareware projection software out there and realized we needed something with more features and polish in order to do more than just display lyrics, we started using EasyWorship 2009. Then, when we upgraded to EasyWorship 7, we added several features/options, and probably have barely scratched the surface of what we COULD be doing, but for us, this is what works. 350c69d7ab


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