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What is First Ball Handicap? Easily Understand in 20 Seconds!

First Ball Handicap has been around for a long time, but not every bettor is familiar with it. This type of betting is straightforward and offers gamers a chance to win rewards. Explore these betting methods to seize opportunities for quick earnings.

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What is First Ball Handicap?

First Ball Handicap predicts which team will receive the first kickoff. Betting for this occurs immediately after the referee tosses the coin.

Bettors super football tips to this type of bet as "kick off." To participate effectively, you must predict which team will gain the kickoff rights and place your bet accordingly.

Understanding the First Ball Handicap Bet

This bet unfolds quickly; bettors do not need to wait long as the result is determined right after the coin toss. Despite being a side bet, its allure is undeniable. Moreover, this type of bet also depends partly on luck, adding suspense to the game.

Placing a First Ball Handicap Bet

First Ball Handicap betting options are offered by some bookmakers, not all channels provide this. Despite its infrequent appearance, you should still be meticulous in selecting and finding reputable bookmakers.

When starting to place bets, sports bettors follow these simple steps to predict the kickoff:

Choose the team likely to receive the first kickoff.

Select the bet type and place your money, then confirm the ticket.

Wait for the system to confirm success and await the result.

It is advisable to bet approximately 4 hours before kickoff to prevent system errors and exceed the betting time.

In the event of an early match cancellation within 90 minutes of play but with a result for the first kickoff, it will still count.

Calculating First Ball Handicap Winnings

Players participating in betting have only 2 choices:

The home team receives the kickoff first.

The away team receives the kickoff first.

Understanding the Simple Calculation for First Ball Handicap Betting

Each betting option is designed with corresponding odds. If you win, you receive your stake and profits. Specifically, profit = stake x odd. When you predict incorrectly, you lose and forfeit the entire amount invested.

Each betting address will offer gamers their own odds ratio. Before betting, each bettor should analyze carefully and choose the most suitable bet type.

Factors Affecting First Ball Handicap Betting

There are many factors that can affect the bet you have chosen. Pay attention to these factors to help bettors place more effective bets.

Determining the playing field of the team can sometimes help you make a more informed bet. Many studies have shown that determining the home team has a first kick-off ratio of about 70%. Therefore, this is the database for players to refer to and choose from.

Review the history of participating teams. This will help you know the ratio of the first kickoff for gamers. This is also the basis for players to place effective bets.

Understanding the referee factor also has a significant impact on betting results. If the referee in several consecutive matches has more away teams kicking off, then bettors can bet on this option.

If you are unlucky, players should limit their bets on this bet.

Absolutely do not apply the all-in strategy because the odds are influenced by luck. Just one wrong prediction will lose all the money invested.

Tips for Effective First Ball Handicap Betting

Experienced players have shared effective ways to place first ball handicap bets. These are betting strategies that bring effective betting results.

Doubling the football tips free today helps gamers profit faster The doubling bet method is familiar when betting for money. And this way of playing is also very suitable for using team bets. Experts advise that players should play this way within 5 days.

Choose a single bet for 1 team (home team or away team). Depending on each person's choice, the advice for gamers is to choose the home team.

If the previous round wins, then in the next round, place the same amount of money.

If you lose the previous round, in the next round, you double the betting money. This process takes place until the player wins, then return to the initial bet amount.

Statistics method is chosen by many players Determining which team is betting is quite difficult, so few people dare to choose. However, if you know how, the betting result is much simpler.

You can use statistics to serve betting activities. The best data source is to review and analyze past match analyses.

Important information needs to be determined including:

The team that is Series Soccer Tips has a percentage of the first ball of how much%.

Which team has a higher number of kicks, choose a bet for that team.

Actively follow the house betting tips - Effective First Ball Handicap Betting Method

Spending time studying the information provided by the house also serves the effectiveness of betting activities. Some addresses will write an analysis starting from the many years of expertise. This helps the information will be more accurate and bring the effect of betting.


First Ball Handicap is influenced by lucky factors, so you should carefully consider when choosing a bet. Just knowing how to combine effective playing methods, gamers can increase their chances of winning higher.


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