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7 : The Villainess Steals The Show

Lorraine first appeared in Season One's antepenultimate episode, "Karma's a Bitch" (airdate March 7, 2018), where she was shown stealing packages from various houses. She later returned to her vehicle and opened her stolen packages, expressing disgust at what was inside while tracking a postal worker. The evil Lorraine headed to another house to steal yet another package, only to suddenly fall and injure herself.

7 : The Villainess Steals the Show


The villainess calls 911 stating that she may have broken her hip, after which Howie "Chimney" Han and Henrietta Wilson answered her call. Lorraine continuously asked why she wasn't at the hospital yet, as she was hoping to avoid being caught committing her criminal acts. At that moment, Athena Grant arrived and recognized Lorraine as the Porch Pirate (though her actual name wasn't revealed at the time), who was about to deny the claims before eventually confessing, stating that she just steals the packages but doesn't keep what's inside. The villainess was taken away in an ambulance, and later arrested (off-screen).

Lorraine returned in the beginning of episode 2.05, "Awful People" (airdate October 15, 2018), where she was shown faking accidents as part of an insurance scam. After feigning being hit by a car and a slip and fall accident, the greedy villainess spotted an elderly lady as her target; however, her latest scam resulted in an actual accident, leading to a 911 call. Lorraine ended up again encountering Chimney, Hen, and Athena, who recognized her as the villainous Porch Pirate. In response, Lorraine (while being wheeled to an ambulance) revealed that the insurance company agreed to pay her a settlement, and that she doesn't steal from porches anymore, only for Athena to point out that she's now a fraudulent con artist. The villainess later threatened to sue the city, claiming that she received improper care on the scene before being placed in the ambulance, though her fate beyond that point isn't revealed.

Cipher first encounters Dom during his honeymoon with Letty on Cuba where Cipher instigates the breakdown of her car as she knows that Dom will stop to help her. After gaining Dom's attention, Cipher reveals that she is fully aware of what is wrong with her car, having manipulated it herself. Dom is startled and Cipher reveals that she has been watching Dom for quite some time to the extent of studying his daily schedule. Cipher reveals that she wants Dom to work for him but Dom refuses. Before Dom can walk away, Cipher hands him a phone which contains something that seems to worry Dom. Cipher claims that Dom will effectively betray his family, work against his friends and will join with Cipher to do his bidding. Thus, by showing him the content of his phone she effectively blackmails Dom into working for her.

Cipher and her team later ambush and storm a government base where, ironically, Mr. Nobody is currently amassing Dom's former team to hunt Cipher down. Disorienting all federal agents and Dom's former team, Cipher storms the room with Dom where she mocks him for already having been replaced by Deckard Shaw. She also reminds Deckard that she made him an offer once, claiming that he chose the wrong side back then. While Dom keeps his former team at bay, Cipher steals data from one of the computers, stealing the entire hard drive. When Letty furiously screams at Dom for betraying his family, Cipher deliberately provokes her by kissing Dom in front of her. Back inside their plane, Dom angrily confronts Cipher because of the kiss. Annoyed by Dom's outburst of defiance, Cipher claims that she needs to remind Dom why he chose to be there with her. Her henchmen open a door, revealing that Dom's former girlfriend Elena and her and Dom's son are Cipher's prisoners - revealing that Dom betrayed his spiritual family for his real family.

During all the chaos, Cipher's untraceable plane is suddenly approached by two helmet-masked men in jet pack suits. The two enter the cargo hold and are revealed to be the Shaw brothers. Deckard and Owen storm the plane, revealing themselves to Cipher who for the first time is shown to be afraid. She sends her men at the brothers who manage to take them down. The Shaws manage to rescue Dom's son, taking any influence she has on Dom away from her.

If the Puzzler seems like a bootleg knock-off of the Riddler, that's because he is. His two second season episodes were meant to be Riddler scripts. However, Frank Gorshin left the show in 1966 due to salary disputes. The character's name was simply changed and veteran Shakespeare actor Evans slipped on a suit. He's no Riddler.

Running an evil spa, Minerva, the final villain to appear on the show, relied on the lure of her "vitamin scalp massages" to peek into the brains of Gotham's upper class with her gizmo, the Deepest Secret Extractor. Of course, she called everyone "Darlings." Couldn't she have splurged for a little more than plain white T-shirts and pants for her crew?

He's a one-man musical and Renaissance fair, which hardly strikes fear into superheroes. Does he really have to sing about everything? Johnson was an All-American film star of the 1940s, who years earlier had showed off his pipes in Brigadoon.

Hey, it's Ed Norton as Robin Hood! The Honeymooners star played this "merry malefactor" for laughs. Only this Robin Hood steals $10 million intended for the poor in the second season opener. Where's Green Arrow when you need him?

The comic made only two appearances on the series as the purple gangster, but his personality and bright pop of color sticks in the memory. The character was created for the show, and would go on to become part of the Batman canon. That's thanks to Berle.

Like Ida Lupino, Preminger was an esteemed director who stepped into the role of a camp Batman villain. The stage legend gave a theatrical flair to the Freeze character, making him one of the more truly sinister baddies on the show. The debate about the greatest Mr. Freeze will carry on, but the official Mr. Freeze action figure is modeled after Preminger.

This trope can, in fact, overlap with the Creator's Pet or Replacement Scrappy. The main difference is that the SSS is not necessarily hated (at least, not at first), in fact, they may be or become one of the most popular characters. Compare Wolverine Publicity, and contrast Out of Focus. If the fanbase agrees (or the marketing team does, at any rate), may lead to a Spotlight-Stealing Title. May become a Breakout Character if they are adored by the audience. See also Adored by the Network, for spotlight-stealing shows, or Poorly-Disguised Pilot if the squad consists of new characters that are never seen again. See also Spotlight-Stealing Crossover for crossover works, when its characters or elements from one particular work that are given more prominence over other works in the crossover.

  • Comic Strips Liz and Anthony in For Better or for Worse: Look upon their blandly wholesome love and despair. This was only the case since mid-to-late 2005, mind you.

  • Bloom County: The character of Opus is not present when the strip started. Later he is introduced as Binkley's pet. He takes over the strip to such an extent that important original characters like Cutter John and the eponymous Milo Bloom disappeared before the end. Although its Sunday-only sequel, Outland, wasn't originally conceived to include the Bloom County regulars, Opus showed up in the third week, and although others came back as well, Opus had again become the primary focus. Years later, when Berke Breathed decided to resume the series again, he simply named it Opus and the rest of the original cast were Demoted to Extra.

  • New character Abby Fillerup has become this in Bloom County 2015. Since her introduction, she's been in nearly every comic, and most of the new storylines have her as the primary focus (leading to diminished roles for the rest of the cast). The only thing that stops her from becoming a full-on Creator's Pet is the fact that the fandom won't stop raving about her. Though, as of 2018, the focus has shifted back to Opus, with Abby appearing less frequently.

  • In the later years of FoxTrot, Jason Fox often got a disproportionate amount of screen time compared to the rest of his family, sometimes being in at least every arc. This can be annoying to readers that don't get nerdy jokes. Or even people who do get them, but don't think they're very funny.

  • E.C. Sieger's Thimble Theatre was a well-regarded strip recounting the adventures of one Castor Oyl, his family, and his best friend Ham Gravy, until one day they needed to hire a sailor to captain a ship for them. The sailor, like most of TT's cast, was intended to be a throw-away character, never to return after the story arc ended, but fan response was so overwhelmingly positive that he joined the main cast, and eventually the strip was re-named after him. You might have read it; it's called Popeye.

  • When Bo and Lanolin were first introduced in U.S. Acres, it resulted in weeks worth of nothing but strips heavily featuring Bo and Lanolin. Eventually, focus balance went back to normal.

  • After 2001, the comic strip Luann became "Brad". However, in the process, Brad became responsible and grew up. In the early strips, he was a Jerk Ass Big Brother. Lampshaded in a forum where an arc about Luann's prom and subsequent college was met with a comment of "... Who's this 'Luann' girl? When did the strip shift from Brad to her?" Eventually Brad got put on the receiving end of this as well, once he married Toni and ended their Will They or Won't They?. At that point his character development ground to a halt; now he and Toni exist mainly as an excuse to feature Toni's niece Shannon. Then, in 2015, it became "Bernice".

  • Dick Tracy: Chester Gould always wanted to do a 'big-foot style' humour strip. As a result, he would sometimes bring the action in Dick Tracy to a screeching halt to focus on the antics of hillbilly couple B.O. Plenty and Gravel Gertie.

  • Peanuts: Due to the comics long run and many changes from its original existence most of the cast fits this trope in one way or another. Charlie Brown can be considered this, while he was one of the main characters from the get go it took a few months for him to be solidified as the focus character of the strip.

  • Lucy and Linus were both introduced a couple years into the run. Lucy almost immediately became the second most important character, and while Linus took a few years once he had aged enough he was just as important as his big sister by the end of the comics first decade.

  • Snoopy is the biggest example, he started off as the least important character in the original cast. While he was pretty important within a few years he was definitely supporting compared to Charlie Brown and even Linus and Lucy, but at the end of the sixties as he became a merchandising juggernaut he became more important than everyone else, gaining several major characters who were supporting to him. It wasn't until the late 80s where Charlie Brown started being the main character again, and even then it was always shared with Snoopy.

  • Rerun Van Pelt became this towards the end, by the final year he was appearing more frequently than anyone besides Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

  • Comic strip Drabble was originally focused on Norman, a college student, just like the strip's creator when it began. However, as he got older, he began to identify with Norman's father, Ralph, more, so the strip began to focus on his more and more. Norman still appears as a regular, however.

  • Comic strip Overboard shifted to a heavy focus on the mice aboard the ship during the 2000's. Practically to the point where the strip became about the mice, and the pirate characters became accessories to the mice.

  • Dilbert occasionally suffers from this, perhaps intentionally since Dilbert is The Everyman contrasted with a more colorful supporting cast. In particular, the office strips tend to focus on Wally, Alice or the Pointy-Haired Boss, with Dilbert often just along for the ride. Even outside the office, Dogbert frequently dominates the storylines.



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