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Bach Blute Nur.pdf

Bach Blute Nur.pdf - A Guide to the Famous Aria from the St Matthew Passion

If you are looking for a PDF file of the sheet music for Bach's aria "Blute nur" from his masterpiece, the St Matthew Passion, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with some information about this beautiful and moving piece of music, as well as a link to download the PDF file for free.


What is the St Matthew Passion?

The St Matthew Passion, BWV 244, is a musical setting of the biblical story of the Passion of Christ, as told in the Gospel of Matthew. It was composed by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), one of the greatest composers of all time, in 1727 for a Good Friday service in Leipzig, Germany. The work is divided into two parts, each consisting of several choruses, recitatives, arias, and chorales. The work is scored for two choirs, two orchestras, and soloists. The St Matthew Passion is widely regarded as one of the most sublime and profound musical expressions of faith and human suffering ever written.

What is the aria "Blute nur"?

The aria "Blute nur" (English: "Bleed only") is sung by a soprano soloist in the first part of the St Matthew Passion, after Jesus has been betrayed by Judas and arrested by the soldiers. The aria is a lamentation of the Virgin Mary, who mourns for her son and blames herself for his fate. The text is based on a medieval poem by an anonymous author. The music is in E minor and features a solo oboe that accompanies the voice with a sorrowful melody. The aria is one of the most emotional and expressive moments in the whole work.

Where can I find the PDF file of "Blute nur"?

If you want to download the PDF file of the sheet music for "Blute nur", you can find it at [this link]. This file contains the vocal score with piano accompaniment, as well as the original oboe part. You can also find other PDF files of the complete score and parts of the St Matthew Passion at [this website], which offers free access to thousands of classical music scores.

We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new about Bach's "Blute nur". If you want to listen to a recording of this aria, you can find one at [this link], performed by soprano Emma Kirkby and oboist Anthony Robson. Happy listening!


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