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Dekada 70 Full Movie Download

Dekada 70 Full Movie: A Review

Dekada 70 (The '70s) is a 2002 Filipino historical drama film directed by Chito S. Roño and based on the 1983 novel of the same name by Lualhati Bautista. The film depicts the life of a middle-class Filipino family who, over the space of a decade, become aware of the political policies that have ultimately led to repression and a state of martial law in the Philippines.


The film focuses on the perspective of Amanda Bartolome (Vilma Santos), a mother of five sons who struggles to find her identity and purpose as a wife, a mother, and a woman in a patriarchal society. She witnesses the changes in her family and in the country as each of her sons deal with their own personal conflicts, ranging from student activism, drug addiction, sexual orientation, and military service.

The film is praised for its realistic portrayal of the social and political issues that plagued the Philippines during the Marcos regime. It also showcases the stellar performances of its cast, especially Santos, who won several awards for her role as Amanda. The film also features Christopher De Leon as Julian Bartolome, Amanda's husband and a successful businessman who initially supports the government but later realizes its corruption and oppression.

Dekada 70 is considered one of the best Filipino films of all time and a classic example of Philippine cinema. It is also one of the few films that have been digitally restored and remastered by the ABS-CBN Film Archives and Central Digital Lab. The film is available for streaming on various platforms, such as YouTube, Apple TV, and

If you are interested in learning more about the history and culture of the Philippines during the martial law era, or if you are looking for a powerful and compelling family drama, then Dekada 70 is a must-watch film for you.


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