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Share Experience To Play Asian Handicap Football Betting

When playing football betting online, players often have many choices to place bets. However, Asian Handicap betting is often chosen by many beginners. So what is Asian Handicap betting? How many types of Asian Handicap bets are most popular among bettors? Right below, we will reveal information no loss football tips about this type of football bet.

What is Asian Handicap? Simple Betting Strategies for Football Betting

Asian Handicap is a term used for a type of bet widely used in betting. This type of betting is very popular at leading reputable bookmakers. At the same time, Asian Handicap odds are always balanced for players participating.

In other words, when betting on Asian Handicap, players still have a chance to win the bet, regardless of whether they choose to bet on the home team or the away team.

In addition, this type of bet is also known by many other names, such as handicap bet, handicap odds, HDP bet, Handicap bet, over/under bet...

For Asian Handicap bets, both teams in the match are analyzed and evaluated by the bookmakers in many aspects. The team with better form and performance is categorized as the favorite team (upper team). The weaker team is categorized as the underdog team.

Usually, the stronger team will give a certain advantage to the weaker team. Therefore, players betting on Asian Handicap bets often have a very high probability of winning.

Types of Asian Handicap Bets in Football

It can be seen that Asian Handicap bets have been popular. When bookmakers set the odds, this type of bet often comes with many different betting options. Therefore, despite the rewards not being excessively high, they always attract participants. Part of this is due to the higher probability of winning compared to other types of bets.

Below are some of the most common types of Asian Handicap bets in online football betting:

Draw no bet (DNB) According to common terms used by online football bettors. Draw no bet, meaning a type of bet on a draw or 0 bet. This is a very familiar type of handicap bet when players bet on Asian Handicap.

Usually, the odds for Draw no bet will be updated very detailed by the sports betting hall. Therefore, if you see the bookmaker offer this type of bet, the level of both teams seems to be equal.

Upper team wins => Bet upper team => win bet.

The lower team wins => Bet lower => win the bet.

If the two teams draw => The amount of the player's bet will be refunded.

However, most of this type of Asian Handicap bet will usually have two main cases of winning or losing money.

What is a football tip? See now : how to bet handicap in football

Half-ball handicap betting This type of bet is very interesting and makes players feel excited when choosing. Because if both teams are evenly matched. The handicap odds offered will fluctuate from ¼ ball. This means there is still a chance to win when betting on the underdog. In some online sports betting platforms provided by reputable bookmakers, you will see handicap odds displayed as 0.25 or ¼. This is the symbol representing the half-ball handicap bet in football. If the upper-handicap team wins => Betting on the upper-handicap will win. If the lower-handicap team wins => Betting on the lower-handicap will win. In case both teams draw => Betting on the upper-handicap will lose half the bet. Conversely, whoever bets on the lower-handicap will win half the bet. Half-ball handicap bet This type of bet will have a fixed handicap rate of 0.5 ball. Meaning the underdog team will receive an additional 0.5 ball in the overall result. When encountering bets with a 0.5 ball handicap rate, consider this bet only wins or loses. If the underdog wins => Only when betting on the underdog will the bet win If the upper-handicap team wins by a goal difference of one or more => Placing a bet on the upper-handicap will win the bet. However, if unfortunately the match ends in a draw => Lose the bet when betting on the upper-handicap, while betting on the lower-handicap will win the bet. 0.75 Ball handicap bet For the 0.75 ball handicap bet in football betting. It means the handicap for the weaker team will be ¾ ball. Those who bet on the upper-handicap and want to win the bet, the goal difference must be at least two goals. On the other hand, if the upper-handicap team draws or loses => The bet placed will lose entirely. 1 Ball handicap bet Next is a type of Asian handicap bet that often appears in sports betting rooms. That is the 1 ball handicap bet. If both teams have a draw => The under-handicap team will win If the upper-handicap team wins by a goal difference equal to one goal => Draw bet If winning by a goal difference of two or more => Win the bet when you bet on the upper-handicap. Betting on the lower-handicap will count as losing that bet. Experience to know when betting on Asian handicap online In the process of researching and participating in betting with Asian handicap bets. If you want to improve your chances of winning, don't miss out on some playing tips like this: Always actively seek information about the match Know how to read basic Asian handicap odds Always monitor the fluctuations of the bookmaker's odds. Give priority to reference odds and betting on famous tournaments. Must get handicap odds information from reputable sports betting rooms. Must know how to analyze handicap bets before placing bets. Regularly watch the progress of the ongoing match. If all have been done correctly according to the process. At this time, your predictions will be more accurate. At the same time, you just need to choose the right time to place your bet.


In summary, Asian handicap bets are like some other types of sports bets. Regardless of your choice when participating in online football betting. Understanding dark web betting tips app and proactively establishing a long-term betting plan is essential. And to avoid risks when participating in online football betting. Remember to visit reputable bookmakers to get the most reliable and safest links.


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