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Three Guys 1 Hammer: How a Hammer and a Screwdriver Became Weapons of Mass Destruction

Three Guys 1 Hammer: The Shocking Truth Behind the Viral Video

Have you ever heard of the video called "Three Guys 1 Hammer"? If you have, you probably know that it is one of the most disturbing and gruesome videos ever uploaded on the internet. If you haven't, you might be curious about what it is and why it is so infamous. But be warned: this is not a video for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach. It is a video that shows the brutal and senseless murder of an innocent man by three young psychopaths.

three guys 1 hammer

In this article, we will explore the shocking truth behind the viral video, who are the killers, who is the victim, and what happened to them after the video was leaked. We will also discuss the impact of the video on the internet culture and the legal and ethical issues surrounding it. But before we do that, let us give you a brief summary of what the video shows.

What is Three Guys 1 Hammer?

Three Guys 1 Hammer is a Ukrainian shock video that has been circulating since 2007. It shows some video footage of three teenage boys (Viktor Sayenko, Igor Suprunyuk and Alexander Hanzha) torturing and murdering 48-year-old Sergei Yatzenko in the woods. The video was recorded by one of the killers using a mobile phone camera.

The video starts with two men in the woods, one holding a hammer and another holding a camera. They approach a man who is lying on the ground, apparently injured by a previous attack. The man with the hammer then proceeds to hit the victim repeatedly in the face with the hammer, smashing his skull and causing blood to splatter everywhere. The victim makes some agonizing noises as he tries to resist, but he is too weak to fight back. The man with the camera then stabs the victim in the abdomen and in the eye with a screwdriver, twisting it and causing more pain and bleeding. The victim eventually stops moving and dies from his injuries. The killers then run away from the scene and head to their car, where they wash off the blood from their hands and clothes.

Who are the killers?

The killers in the video are known as the Dnepropetrovsk maniacs, a group of three serial killers who committed 21 murders in Dnipro, Ukraine in June and July 2007. They were all 19 years old at the time of their crimes. They targeted random people of different ages and genders, mostly using blunt objects such as hammers, pipes, or wrenches to kill them. They also tortured some of their victims with knives, screwdrivers, or pliers before killing them. They recorded some of their murders on their mobile phones and took pictures of their victims' corpses.

The motive behind their killings is unclear, but some speculate that they did it for fun, thrill, or money. They also seemed to have a fascination with death and violence, as they collected newspaper clippings and videos of murders and accidents. They also killed animals such as cats and dogs for entertainment.

The leader of the group was Igor Suprunyuk, who was described as intelligent, charismatic, and manipulative by his classmates and teachers. He was also interested in martial arts and weapons. He was the one who usually wielded the hammer or other weapons in their attacks. He was also the one who recorded most of their videos.

The second member of the group was Viktor Sayenko, who was Suprunyuk's best friend since childhood. He was also smart and athletic, but more quiet and reserved than Suprunyuk. He often followed Suprunyuk's orders and participated in their attacks.

The third member of the group was Alexander Hanzha, who was not directly involved in most of their murders, but helped them with robbery and transportation. He was also friends with Suprunyuk and Sayenko since childhood. He was less intelligent and more timid than his accomplices.

Who is the victim?

The victim in the video was Sergei Yatzenko, a 48-year-old man who lived in Dnipro. He was married and had two sons and two grandchildren. He worked as a security guard at a local market, but had recently retired due to a cancerous tumor in his throat that affected his speech and breathing.

On July 12th, 2007, he left his home on his motorcycle to visit his friend who lived nearby. On his way back home, he encountered Suprunyuk and Sayenko on a roadside near a wooded area. They asked him for directions and then attacked him with a hammer from behind, knocking him off his bike. They then dragged him into the woods where they continued to torture him until he died.

His body was found by his wife four days later after she reported him missing to the police. She recognized him by his clothes and his motorcycle helmet that were left near his body.

What happened after the video was leaked?

The video was leaked to the internet sometime in late 2007 or early 2008 by an unknown source. It quickly became viral and spread across various websites and forums that hosted gore or shock content. It also attracted many reactions from viewers who were horrified or disgusted by what they saw.

The video also helped to identify and capture the killers who were still at large at that time. A local resident recognized one of them from their voice in the video and reported them to the police. The police then arrested Suprunyuk, Sayenko, and Hanzha on July 23rd, 2007 after finding evidence linking them to several murders.

The trial of the three killers began on June 29th, 2008 at Dnipro Regional Court. They were charged with 21 counts of premeditated murder, animal cruelty, robbery, conspiracy, possession of illegal weapons, and other crimes. They pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The trial lasted for almost eight months and involved testimonies from witnesses, experts, relatives of victims, police officers, journalists, psychologists, and others. The court also reviewed evidence such as videos, photos, weapons, personal belongings of victims,

and forensic reports. The video of Yatzenko's murder was also shown in court, causing shock and outrage among the audience.

On February 11th, 2009, the court delivered its verdict. Suprunyuk and Sayenko were found guilty of all charges and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. Hanzha was found guilty of robbery and sentenced to nine years in prison.

The lawyers for Suprunyuk and Sayenko appealed the verdict, claiming that their clients were mentally ill and influenced by violent media. They also argued that the evidence was insufficient and that the trial was unfair. However, their appeal was dismissed by the Supreme Court of Ukraine in November 2009.

What is the impact of the video on the internet culture and the legal and ethical issues surrounding it?

The video of Three Guys 1 Hammer has become one of the most notorious and controversial videos on the internet. It has been widely discussed and debated by various online communities, especially those that are interested in gore, horror, or true crime. It has also inspired many memes, parodies, references, and reactions.

The video has also raised many legal and ethical issues regarding its distribution and consumption. Some people argue that the video should be banned or removed from the internet because it is too graphic, violent, and immoral. They claim that the video violates human dignity and rights, promotes violence and crime, and harms the mental health of viewers. They also argue that the video exploits and disrespects the victim and his family.

Others argue that the video should be allowed or preserved on the internet because it is a form of free speech, information, or art. They claim that the video exposes the reality and brutality of human nature and society, educates and warns people about the dangers of crime and violence, and challenges and stimulates the emotions and thoughts of viewers. They also argue that the video respects and honors the victim and his family by showing his suffering and death.

The video of Three Guys 1 Hammer remains a controversial and divisive topic among internet users. It is a video that shows the worst of humanity and the darkest side of the internet. It is a video that you may never forget once you see it.


In conclusion, the video of Three Guys 1 Hammer is a shocking and horrifying video that shows the murder of an innocent man by three young serial killers. The video has become viral and notorious on the internet, sparking many discussions and debates among online communities. The video has also raised many legal and ethical issues regarding its distribution and consumption, as well as its impact on the internet culture and society. The video of Three Guys 1 Hammer is a video that you may never want to see, but you may never be able to forget. ca3e7ad8fd


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