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New Yorker In Tondo By Marcelino Agana Jr Pdf Download

New Yorker in Tondo by Marcelino Agana Jr pdf download

New Yorker in Tondo is a famous Filipino one-act play by Marcelino Agana Jr, written in 1956 and first produced by the Drama Guild at Far Eastern University. It is a satire that depicts the cultural clash between a Filipina who has been influenced by her stay in New York and her traditional family and friends in Tondo, Manila.

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The play revolves around Kikay, a young woman who returns to her hometown after a year in New York. She has adopted a new name, Francesca, and a new lifestyle that shocks her conservative mother, Mrs. Mendoza, and her childhood friends, Tony, Nena, and Totoy. Kikay tries to impose her Americanized views and habits on them, such as calling her mother Mrs. Mendoza, wearing fashionable clothes and accessories, speaking with an accent, and criticizing the Filipino customs and values. She also reveals that she is engaged to a rich American named Pete, while Tony, her former fiancé, is now engaged to Nena.

The play explores the themes of identity, culture, and love. It shows how Kikay struggles to reconcile her two selves: the New Yorker who enjoys the modern and glamorous life, and the Tondo girl who values her roots and traditions. It also shows how her family and friends react to her changes and try to remind her of who she really is. The play also questions the authenticity of Kikay's transformation, as she seems to exaggerate her American traits and hide her insecurities. The play also examines the relationships between Kikay, Tony, Nena, and Totoy, and how they are affected by Kikay's return.

The play is considered a classic of Philippine literature and theater, as it reflects the social and historical context of the post-war Philippines under American influence. It also showcases the humor and wit of the Filipino people, as well as their resilience and adaptability to different situations. The play has been adapted into various forms, such as radio drama, television show, musical, and film.

If you are interested in reading or watching this play, you can find some sources online. Here are some links that you can check out:

  • [A PDF file of the play]

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  • [A video of a stage performance of the play]

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